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Pete-Horror-Edit Instrumental by marcelschwederdotcom

Pete Theme by Ralph Ruthe (www.ruthe.de), adapted and arranged by Marcel Schweder (www.marcelschweder.com)

(c) Marcel Schweder, Ralph Ruthe:

Ralph Ruthes „Pete – Halloween Special“

Oct 18, 2011

By order of Ralph Ruthe (comedian and cartoonist) I created a new adaption/orchestral re-arrangement of the main theme for his cartoon series "Pete". Watch the video below and then listen to my original & unaltered adaption as a solo track!  

Space PiRats - Season Finale!

Nov 2011

The final episode (5) of the first season is here! I made the whole audio production for the first season of this crazy german sci-fi puppet web-TV series! From dubbing, sfx and score to the final soundtrack mix. A lot of work but always fun. The Space PiRats will return for a second season very soon!

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More Infos about this project and the crew & cast (in german): my Blog

New Audio Dramas Released!

Oct - Dez, 2011

In the past couple of months I produced complete soundtracks (music, detailed soundscapes/sfx etc.) and difficult mix-mastering jobs, for three new German audio-drama releases. For more details please take a look at the PORTFOLIO section.

News & Releases!


Finished writing orchestral music for the new  audio- book DAS HAUPT DER WELT, based on the novel written by german author Rebecca Gablè. The audio-book is produced by LÜBBE AUDIO and it is going to be released in Autumn 2013.

Apart from that I composed a set of smaller scores for shorts- and commercial films and did sound-design and mix/mastering jobs for several new  audio-dramas. I’ll update the PORTFOLIO section as soon as possible.

During Spring 2012, I was busy writing and producing an orchestral score for a stage production of the classical “The Count of Monte Christo” novel by Alexandre Dumas. The play was performed by the company of the open-air theater “Goethe-Freilichtbühne Porta Westfalica” from June to September of the same year.

Aside from that I’ve worked on filmmusic for shortfilms, advertising and many new audio-dramas during the year, including music, production and mix/mastering jobs.

For more details please take a look at the PORTFOLIO section.